Steve Morris

Steven is Managing Partner - Content & Global Production at The Eventful Group. He joined Chris Carroll and Lisa Irving in 1998, not long after Eventful’s formation, initially to work on building out the New Zealand database, before becoming a partner in the business - Eventful had 2 conference brands at that stage. It was Steve’s role to focus on the growth of the business, with his start-up entrepreneurial energy and drive, Steve took on leading the production engine. He did this in Australia for 10 years, presiding over the production process and growth of the Australian business to 14 conference brands.

Steve’s focus then turned to new markets. Having been one of the original founders of the US based business, in 2010 Steve took Eventful to Africa and set-up a Cape Town office. Eventful’s African success was very rapid and within 3 years, a team of 18 were delivering 8 annual shows in that market.

In January 2014, Steve and his family moved to the USA. He settled in San Francisco with the intention of ramping up and driving the US production engine and training and nurturing local production talent. He also oversees training of all Eventful producers and research, production and content globally.

Steve has enormous drive & infectious passion for the business and its customers and is fanatical about quality - settling for nothing less but the very best presenters and programs. Steve believes that Eventful’s success resides in doing the small things right with quality customer data, analytics and engagement being at the center of this. He is often heard saying that "nothing is done properly unless you start at the beginning and finish at the end".

Outside of the workplace Steve loves hanging out with his beautiful wife Tracy and his 3 kids. He is a keen trail runner, SUP’er, loves the beach, all things Africa and travelling to islands. He is also a history buff with a particular interest in American history. Steve attended the University of Cape Town (UCT) where he completed a degree in History, English & Politics in 1993. He has a post-graduate marketing and business management degree and is also a qualified History teacher.

Steve Morris