Lisa Irving

Lisa founded Eventful Management in 1995. 

“Brought up in a large family in Cape Town, South Africa - where our door was always open to everyone - taught me so much about people, respect, life and love! Also being exposed to my father’s 23 year career as a corporate executive in advertising - taught me about business and customer service”. 

From a very young age Lisa had an intense interest in people.... what made them work and why. Hence, a degree in Psychology and a complete indulgence in human behaviour. After graduating, Lisa’s family moved to Sydney where she was lucky enough to be selected into the Advertising Federation Agency program and then onto Saatchi and Saatchi where a career in customer service began. Frustrated with the endless rules, games and limitations, she joined a small events company in 1991, specialising in engineering events for capital-intensive companies, and getting her first taste of the power and fun of networking. 

Following her heart, Eventful Management was created in 1995, a company destined to be different to anything that had ever existed before, and allowing Lisa to unleash her obsession around everything people and everything extraordinary. High quality brands was a given but the focus on people was always at the centre. 

After 15 years, Lisa is still challenging the status quo, always aiming for something far beyond the ordinary and truly believing that anything is possible. In her role as Director of Inspiring Communities she continues to inspire customers and colleagues alike.


Lisa Irving