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Mainstream celebrates the leadership, technology, ideas, and innovations that are literally transforming Asset Management and Reliability.  At Mainstream, senior asset management leaders come together to share and discover ways to increase reliability, reduce risk, embrace new technology and standards – and unlock the true potential of their assets and their people.

Mainstream Conference

TECH FEST is a celebration of the people, technology, ideas, and innovations that are literally transforming the way we live and work. TECH FEST is on a mission to unlock and realise the potential of technology for the betterment of people, businesses, and the world.

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Share is a conference where non-technical SharePoint conversations happen. It’s a business conference for people to get more out of SharePoint for Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Marketing & Communications, Web & Intranet, Content Management, Information Flow, Document Management, Reporting and Projects. Designed to help each other pinpoint new and different ways to use SharePoint as an important enabler of great business performance.

Share Conference

Where SAP customers, partners and experts engage in brave and important conversations, find answers to common challenges and inspire one another to explore future opportunities.

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