Doing things differently, crafting a unique process, synchronicity and courage.

1995 - 2000  

  • Lisa Irving founded Eventful Management in 1995. Her vision was to do conferences differently - to build a company based on heart and soul.

  • In 1996 Chris Carroll joined as a partner and we acquired Mainstream, a Maintenance Engineering event with a customer base from industrial Australia - Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing and Engineering.

  • Listening to their ideas about industry trends and discussing their needs, we found many needed help in NZ so we took Mainstream to Auckland.

  • We listened some more and discovered most customers were implementing ERP software - particularly SAP - which lead to our “Mastering SAP Plant Maintenance” conference.

2000 - 2005

  • Steven Morris joined as head of Research and Production.

  • By speaking with customers we developed our unique 16 week ‘research cycle’ which resulted in substantially larger conferences than the industry norm.

  • Our research helped to create our second Enterprise Technology event, “Mastering Supply Chain Management with SAP”.

  • By 2005 we had doubled our team and offered our communities eight new conference brands.

2005 - 2010

  • Steve Sinkoff started his New York based Eventure Events with a similar ethos to Eventful Management.

  • A trans pacific joint venture between Eventure and Eventful lead to the creation of SAP-Centric EAM in Arizona in 2005.

  • Greg Healy joined Eventful as CEO.

  • Enduring the global economic downturn, both companies bucked the trend with three new brands offered in Australia and one in the US.

  • June 2010 saw Eventure and Eventful become one company, with one strategy.

  • Eventful Africa was opened in Cape Town to cater to the expanding African market.

2010 - 2015

  • In one year Eventful Africa contributed 10% of the Group’s global revenue, demonstrating the opportunity for our model to flourish in emerging markets.

  • Eventful wins “Best Asia Pacific Conference” at the London Conference Awards and “Best Production Team” at the Asian Conference Awards

  • Eventful Asia opens its doors in Singapore.