Brand Portfolio

Every year we offer conferences and training courses on a range of specialised topics of interest - divided into two key areas of content:

Enterprise Technology

In the mid to late 90’s large companies began replacing independent software applications with enterprise-wide technology solutions. Because of their advanced functionality, these systems offer a huge range of possibilities for businesses and endless challenges for technical specialists and users.

To meet these challenges the Eventful Group created a series of SAP events - designed to build communities by stimulating SAP professionals with similar interests and issues to talk, inspire, share and network.

Each conference focuses on a particular area of SAP functionality or industry to give people a detailed inside look at solutions from other organisations and professionals. Our SAP series includes four brands in the United States, eight in Australasia, and six in Africa.

The Enterprise Technology Portfolio also includes SHARE, the first-ever Microsoft SharePoint conference for business users.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Companies in capital-intensive industries such as Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Engineering and Transport operate in highly competitive markets. They also deal with high value assets and equipment where each failure is disruptive and costly. 

ur EAM portfolio is made up of a series of conferences and training courses designed to reduce downtime and Total Cost of Ownership, while increasing reliability, operational efficiency and productivity.

Each conference or training course is focused on a particular area of enterprise asset management to give people a detailed inside look at experiences and learnings from other organisations and professionals. 

The EAM portfolio comprises of seven brands in Australasia, one in the United States and Africa.